Classes of licenses

A License of Any Class is established for 5 years and can be renewed subsequently for periods of five years. Annual License Fee for any License is 8.500 €

Class 1


For games broadly based on repetitive random events (Random Number Generators). This class covers casino-type games, skill games and online lotteries. Required Sharecapital: EUR 100.000.

Class 2


For games based on a single events. Operators who manage their own risk on events based on a matchbook. Under this class falls fixed odds betting, pool betting and spread betting. Required Sharecapial: EUR 100.000.

Class 3


For a betting and promoting gaming against a commission. Usually this includes multiplayer games and betting exchanges. This class includes P2P, poker networks, betting exchange and game portals. Required Sharecapital: EUR 40.000.

Class 4


For hosting & managing games offered by other licensees, excluding the licensee himself, for gaming platforms which gaming operators can run. Such operators are not involved in player management functions and is intended for software vendors who want to provide management and hosting facilities on their platform. Required Sharecapital: EUR 40.000

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